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Braun The Last Edition
by Dieter Rams

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A boxed set of 16 prints and other materials to commemorate Braun’s hi-fi range.

Published in limited numbers to mark the end of hi-fi production at Braun in 1990.

Includes a superb series of 16 six-colour metallic offset lithographic prints of classic Braun hi-fi products. All but one of these items were either designed or co-designed by Dieter Rams.

The prints and accompanying materials are housed in a clam shell box. Even the box itself and its contents were designed by Rams himself.

The folio consists of:

• A contents sheet

• A 12-page illustrated pamphlet on the Atelier range 1979 - 1991

• 16 metallic six-colour off-set lithographic prints of audio designs for Braun

• Each print comes with a corresponding off-set litho print of the original design sketch for that item, executed in grey ink on tracing paper. These can be overlaid on the print to create a new image.

• The prints depict the following items: the SK 4 Phono super (1956); TP 1 Phono-Transistor (1959); Studio 2 Stereo (1959); LE 1 loudspeaker (1959); Atelier 3 compact system with record player (1962); PS 45 turntable (1962); TC 20 record player (1963); T 1000 Worldreceiver (1963); TS 45 steuergerat (1964); TG 60 Reel to Reel, (1965); L450 Flat Speaker (1965); CSV 250 tuner(1956); Regie 308 (1973); RS 1/PC 1 Integral Studio System (1978); MS 2150 Studiomaster loudspeaker (1979) Atelier system (1980).

• A further 3 prints – macro shots of items from the hi-fi range.

• 5 more pages with text. Four of these are printed on tracing paper.

All of the items in the folio measure approximately 31 cm x 31 cm. All of the text is in German.

Condition: Excellent with only minor signs of careful handling. The prints are of truly excellent quality, executed in 5 metallic colours. Each would look fabulous framed. This is a stunning, rare collectors’ item – not to be missed. There is some minor wear to the clam shell box.